A brief History and Background

The North Wales Crown Green Bowling Association was formed in late 1926, later in 1929 came the formation of the three original areas of the Association which followed the original counties of North Wales, Flintshire the largest area with clubs followed by Denbighshire and Caernarvonshire and Anglesey. With the growth of Crown Green Bowls across North Wales the areas competed for the Area trophy and this was the main competition with the areas playing home and away squads. To be selected for your area was considered a significant honour.

The Denbighshire Association consisted of clubs from round the East Area and West Area and the main competition was the Binns Cup with clubs in each area competing against other and the final being in alternative years between the winners of each Area. With the reorganisation of Political Areas within Wales in 1974 to Clwyd and Gwynedd the names of the areas changed and Denbighshire became Glyndwr and Caernarvonshire and Anglesey became Gwynedd.

In the 1980’s the East Part of Glyndwr (Wrexham) became much stronger that the West Part of Glyndwr and they decided to separate to form their own Association. The constitution of the now Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association did not allow this so the clubs in the Wrexham area decide to cede membership of the Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association. |This benefited nobody and the Constitution was changed and in 1990 the Wrexham area became one of four Associations within the Welsh Association.

This then created problems as the Glyndwr Bowling Association only consisted of 12 clubs within the new area and was at a distinct disadvantage to other areas in the Welsh which consisted of over 110 registered clubs across the other three areas.

A solution was found in 1996 such that the old boundary between Flintshire and Glyndwr (the River Elwy) was removed and clubs from Flintshire as far as Prestatyn were moved over to join the Association to reflect the New Political Boundary of the new Denbighshire.


President: Mrs Dusia Price since 2013.

In 2017 elected President of the WCGBA

Chairman - Roy Mills

Joined the Glyndwr Bowling Association in 1992 as Secretary of the Colwyn Bay Wednesday League, served as Treasurer from 1995 and was both Treasurer and Secretary from 2007 until 2012 stepping down from Treasurer at 2013 AGM. Returned as Chairman in 2015 AGM when function of President / Chairman was split

Treasurer- Peter Scott

Peter has also held many adminstrative positions and is currently Financial Officer for the WCGBA as well as treasurer for Glyndwr, the Vale of Clwyd league and the Clwyd Seniors League.

Secretary - Vacant- duties being assumed by Roy Mills

Area Safeguarding Officer - Judy Hughes of Abergele BC

Management Committee Members

Jim Paton

Elected life member

Mary Hancock

Jenny Hadwin

Jack Hunt

One more place - Vacant

Bowling desperately needs new people to get involved in helping the sport evolve and thrive at a difficult time and we have two opportunities for you to help in that process. It does not need to involve too much time, less than a half dozen meetings per year but if you have enjoyed your bowling and wish it to continue for others in future please put your name forward for consideration.

Two members of the WCGBA Executive Governing Board

Dusia Price, and Jack Hunt

Plus representative’s from affiliated leagues Welsh Counties League, Vale of Clwyd, Clywdian Senior Citizens and Ladies Wednesday League.

Historic Note

The officers of the Glyndwr Bowling Association from its formation can be viewed or downloaded in PDF form here

Previous Officers