Binns Cup

This is the premier competition open to all teams of clubs within the Glyndwr region. It is a knockout competition of 10 players per team where the aggregate score wins each match. All matches before the final will take place on Fridays commencing at 6.30pm.The team that wins the final keeps the cup for one year.

The full rules can be downloaded in PDF format here

Download Binns Cup Rules

The clubs entered and the programme for the competition as it progresses will be able to be seen here. The Match results should be sent to the Secretary either by email at or via the Contact Us link on this website. The dates for the preliminary rounds in 2019 are as follows:

Round 1: Friday May 10th at 6pm.

Prestatyn Highbury - Bye

Rhos park A 210 vs Abergele B 101 at Llysfaen

Colwyn Bay RBL bye at Min y Don

Mochdre Park 191 vs St Asaph B 141 at Rhuddlan

Min y Don 196 vs Abergele A 133 at Old Colwyn

St Asaph A 159 vs Rhos on Sea 157 at Rhos Park

East Parade 158 vs Denbigh 180 at Dyserth

Llysfaen 138 vs Rhos Park B 197 at Rhyl

Round 2:Friday June 14th at 6.30pm

Prestatyn Highbury 161 vs Rhos Park A 202 at Rhyl

Colwyn Bay RBL 210 vs Mochdre Park 113 at Min y Don

Min y Don 199 vs St Asaph A 156 at Sunny Rhyl

Denbigh 186 vs Rhos Park B 184 at St Asaph

Semi-Finals : Friday July 12th at 6.30pm

Rhos Park A 123 vs Colwyn Bay RBL 199

Min y Don 191 vs Denbigh 138

The Final was held at 2pm on Sunday August 18th 2019 at Rhos on Sea Bowling Club

Min y Don 193 vs Colwyn Bay RBL 188

The match was played in a very competitive manner by both sides, and the result went down to the last match with the youngest player from both teams Ryan Rogers clinching the Cup for Min-y-Don with a man of the match award for his performance.

The completed programme for 2019 can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF file via this link.

Binns Cup Programme 2019

Rayners Shield

Teams which lose in the first or second rounds of the Binns Cup are automatically entered into the Rayner Shield competition. This is also a knockout competition of 10 players per team where the aggregate score wins each match, but each team also has a handicap of points assigned by the management committee. The winner of the final keeps the shield for one year.

The full rules can be downloaded in PDF format here

Download Rayner Shield Rules

The clubs entered and the program for the competition as it progresses can be seen here. The dates for the preliminary rounds in 2019 are shown here:

Round 1: Friday July 5th

East Parade(70) 179 vs Abergele A (10)206

Round 2:Friday July 19th

Abergele A(10) 200 vs Prestatyn Highbury(30) 183 at Grove Park

St Asaph A(10) vs Mochdre Park(50) St Asaph Conceded

Abergele B(50) 237 vs Rhos On Sea(60) 219

Rhos Park B(10) 200 vs Llysfaen(60) 215

Semi-Final : Friday August 16th

Abergele A(10) 166 vs Mochdre Park(50) 210

Abergele B(50) 218 vs Llysfaen(60) 220

The Final was held on Sunday September 8th 2019 at 2pm at Min y Don

Final Result - A win for Llysfaen

Mochdre Park(50) 209 vs Llysfaen(60) 209

Llysfaen started off well winning the first three matches, but Mochdre came back winning the next five! With 2 games left Mochdre Park looked in great shape leading by 21 points. The Llysfaen captain Phil Roberts roared back with a 21-8 win, reducing the difference to 8, but Jim Paton was definitely not for surrendering against a very in form Paul Morris, fresh from winning the Merits. He clawed back to a 21-13 loss meaning after 10 games the points were even. The games were even. The rules state the win is then decided by the best win, which was 21-6 by Arfon Williams, for Llysfaen who were declared winners.

2019 Final Programme

The programme for 2019 can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF file via this link.

2019 Rayner Shield Final Programme

Glyndwr Senior Merit Sunday August 11th 2019 . Location St Asaph BC

This competition is an individual knockout in which each match is 21 up with no handicaps apart from non-Home registered players who play off 2. It is open to any team member, men and ladies, of affiliated teams and is usually played in August. The trophy is presented by the mayor of Denbigh. It was first played for in 1991 at Denbigh Bowling Club, attracting over 50 entrants, and was won by Phil Vickers of Mochdre park. Glyndwr Senior Merit 2018 played at Mochdre Park resulted in 12 entries. After heavy downpour Competition got underway with 4 preliminary rounds, for the quarter finals Steve Dace of Min-y-Don beat Roger Daniels of Kinmel Bay, Roy Mills of the host club beat Phil Holmes of Old Colwyn, John Cooper of Kinmel Bay beat Andrew Thompson also of Kinmel Bay BC. And Sue Dace beat Elfyn Jones of Denbigh. For the semi-finals Steve Dace beat Roy Mills 21-7 and Sue Dace beat John Cooper 21-6 to set up a family final. Steve beat his wife and the weather 22-11 to win the Glyndwr Senior Merit for the third time after winning it in 2012 and 2016. Thanks once again to Mochdre Park BC for hosting the competition.

Glyndwr Ladies Merit Sunday August 11th 2019 . Location Min y Don

Exclusively for Ladies, this competition has the same format as above. This was first played for in 2010 when the winner was Pauline Jackson of Trefnant, the trophy being presented by Mrs Brenda Jones(from the Wrexham area) of the WCGBA. The winner in 2016 was Jenny Hadwin, also of Trefnant. Note that Glyndwr is the only area to hold a Ladies Merit. The 2018 competition was played at Rhyl BC on Sunday August 12th at 12pm. There were 10 entries and the four from Trefnant almost all reached the last stages, thwarted by Bev Worseley-Taylor of Prestatyn Highbury. The semi-finals then were Jenny Hadwin v Brenda Newall both of Trefnant, and Bev v Linda Kirkham of Trefnant. Jenny and Bev were successful setting up an exciting final in which Jenny eventually pulled away to win for the third time in succession.

Glyndwr Junior Merit

Unfortunately this competition has not been held for the last four years due to lack of entrants. It is usually played in the evening when children return from holidays in early September. This is an event the Association is keen to promote so we will be looking to ensure it returns to our schedule.