Thank you

to all the bowling clubs in the Glyndwr area for ensuring that they have a Safeguarding Officer who has a current DBS certificate in place by 1st March 2019, thus making the Glyndwr association compliant with the BCGBA regulation. Thank you for making my start as the new Glyndwr Safeguarding Officer a good experience.

I will need to see each new certificate when it arrives to make a note of the date and number. Please keep a note of the date yourself as your DBS will need to be renewed 3 years from that date if you continue as Safeguarding officer in the future.

Please feel free to contact me at for any information and help. Judy Hughes

Safeguarding Guidelines

The roles and responsibilities of a club safeguarding officer are summarised in the safeguarding guidelines as the person within the bowls club who has the responsibility for managing and reporting concerns about children or vulnerable adults and for putting into place procedures to safeguard these individuals in the club.

Club Responsibilities

The club should:-

Carry out an overall risk assessment

Adopt a policy and procedures as appropriate

Nominate a Club Safeguarding Officer who has a DBS certificate

Offer training opportunities to club members

Safeguarding Incidents

The Club Safeguarding Officer is not required to make any judgement regarding an incident but to report it to the County Safeguarding Officer and/or NGB Safeguarding Officer (as appropriate).

We all need to remember that we are volunteers but that there are external professionals who will help when needed.

It is important to remember these words taken from the BCGBA policy All clubs must ensure they have welfare procedures in place. It is recognised that all clubs are different and guidelines need to be adapted to suit each case.

The information found on the Safeguarding Bowls website ( ) is comprehensive. We should also note that the website contains the policy which is 26 pages and which we must all adhere to. There are also guidelines and templates as a tool to help as necessary. Many of the scenarios offered in the guidelines do not apply to every club but they are a good point of reference as are the templates.